Find out more about Outright Translations and how we can work together. Please, feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions or comments you may have. Send us an e-mail at

How can I send you my translation request?
You can send us an e-mail at or write us using the form at our Contact page. All you have to do is specify the target language and the deadline. We will get back to you with further details on delivery, including a free, non-obligatory quote.
Do you translate anything else, apart from Travel & Tourism content?
Travel and hospitality is our primary focus, but we do offer translations in other spheres, incl. iGaming, Sports, Casino, and other general topics. We do not provide medical translations though.
How long does it take for a text to get translated?
Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours for a file of up to 1500 words, however it depends on the request - type of content, file format, volume of words, required creativity, translators’ availability, etc.
How much do you charge?
Like most translation agencies, we usually charge per word. We will count the words of the source text and then will calculate the cost-estimate based on the word-count. We will wait for you approval before starting the translation.
Do you deliver urgent projects?
We do take rush jobs, provided we have the resources at the time of the request. Please, always indicate how urgent a project is. For larger projects, we may agree on sending the ready files one by one, upon completion.
Do you offer discounts for larger projects?
Yes, we do. Depending on the scope and volume of the assignment, we can negotiate special rates.
Do you apply any minimum fees?
No, we have not set any minimum fees.
Who are your translators?
All our translators have degrees in Linguistics and have worked either remotely or in-house for the travel and hospitality industry. Each translates only in their native languages.
What file formats can you to work with?
We work with all standard formats – word, excel, pdf, HTML, XML. If you have a specific request, please contact us to discuss it in detail.
I run a website and what to launch another language version. Can you translate a whole website?
Yes, that is what we usually do. Gather your content in English (source) language and send it to us.
In what languages do you offer your services?
As a boutique translation agency, we provide services in about 15 languages from Europe, the Americas and Asia: German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic, are our most requested languages.