Secret by Chef Petrov – a real gourmet delight

In a country that does not have a Michelin-star restaurant yet, Bulgaria’s capital offers a remarkably rich selection of fine-dining places to choose from.

A real culinary gem in Sofia is Secret by Chef Petrov, who is one of Bulgaria’s well-known celebrity chefs. Chef Boris Petrov has more than 30 years’ experience in the best culinary establishments, including 12 years working abroad with 6 of them in Spain. The restaurant is relatively new and not very popular among locals yet. But once there, the place will capture your heart with fantastic gastronomic experience and you will want to return for more.

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On the Wine Trail: FYR Macedonia

In recent years Macedonia has been recommended as food and travel destination, very easily accessible from most countries in Europe. The small former-Yugoslavian country was featured in the Food & Travel magazine, Lonely Planet and CNN and is worth a visit. The country is already popular among backpackers and adventure travelers, however it has much more to offer, especially to foodies and wine-lovers.